Why smart people make stupid mistakes!

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The idea that we learn from our mistakes is an almost absolute truth, especially if we are constantly observant and analytical along with being intuitive. That is why they say that once we have learned a lesson from a mistake, we must avoid making it again. In that sense, it seems rather easy to observe failure if we have done it ourselves.


But what about the mistakes that others make?


Life is limited and we have too much time to make all the mistakes ourselves!


As such, why not focus on the mistakes that others make in order to avoid them? It is not only an issue of time, but by doing this, we will also avoid suffering the negative consequences of that mistake.


It is tempting to assume that a high IQ and good education will ensure wise decision making, but the latest psychological research shows this is far from the case. Even if you have the brainpower and knowledge, you may not be applying it effectively – leaving you susceptible to bias, fake news, and misinformation.


In this article, we are going to discuss some important and vital tips to say that if you consider yourself talented and smart, it’s not adequate for success! You should keep moving forward and be careful about some other factors besides it.




Being smart is good, but not enough 

Smart people sometimes get proud and do not think about the quality. They may talk rudely without paying enough attention! Because they have been focused deeply on the other matters which are personal. Most of them cannot admit their mistakes, and if someone corrects them, they’ll haphazardly go mad; they can’t tolerate their own mistakes let alone improving them!


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”


If you believe that only stupid people make mistakes, you’re wrong. The truth is that everyone makes mistakes.


Smart people admit, stupid people do not.   


As a kid, you’re punished for making mistakes in school and life. And because of that, we think it’s normal to punish each other as adults. One of the best traits one can have in life is to be forgiving. You must go easy on yourself when you screw up. Same is true for the people in our lives. Don’t remain in the past; move! Remember that you don’t have to make these mistakes yourself. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. They have made those mistakes already, so we don’t have to. We learn to store our bad experiences together in a box that has the label “do not repeat.” However, these mistaken strategies sometimes escape from that box, luckily: just because they did not work in one set of circumstances does not mean that they do not work in others. Maybe we are not prepared at 18 to start our own business, but we could be at 30. Along the way, we will have gathered experience and learned from the right and wrong things that our bosses have done.




Here are 5 mistakes that smart people make   


chasing money is the first mistake smart people make    


1. Chasing money


Here’s a study under the title of “how to Get Rich” by Felix Dennis, who owned one of the biggest magazine publishers in the UK. Contrary to the title, the book actually tries to discourage you to chase money. Many of the rich will tell you the same. The funny thing is that we all know there is more to life than money, and yet, we make it our sole purpose. Dennis writes: “People who get trapped in the tunnel vision of making money think that is all there is to life.” There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get rich. It just has to be reminded that making money beyond a certain amount has little impact on happiness. But somehow, it should get tunnel vision. Again, trying to get rich is not a mistake. However, it is a mistake if someone expects that it’s the answer to all problems.




Sleep deprivation is a mistake smart people make


2. Ignoring sleep


When you get excited about something, you want to spend all your time on it. That’s a great feeling. But when your excitement prevents you from having quality sleep, you want to change that. It’s one of the biggest pitfalls. Someone can read and work all day long — well into the night. But even when they go to bed at 2 a.m. and wake up 8 hours later, they still feel tired. Somehow, it’s different when someone hits the sack at 11 and wakes up at 7. They feel much more energized. Taken aback, sometimes you dream a lot of hard and tiresome things, and it causes you feel drowsy even after many hours sleeping.




overcorrection is a mistake smart people make


3. Being connected too much


The past decade has been great for technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone with access to the internet. Within a few years, the whole world will be connected. Even the less developed countries. Modern technology has changed the world. These developments are great. But remember that too much of a good thing becomes bad. That also applies to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Recent research shows that Generation Z (born after 1995) is distressed and anxious. The American Psychological Association even say that they have “the worst mental health of any generation.” Many of harmful and irrecoverable rays radiate to your body and most of them are really deadly for you.


lack of exercise is a mistake smart people make


4. Not exercising enough


Life is full of obligations. The biggest obligation is to work. Then, there are family and friends whom you spend the time with. There are bills to pay. Plus, unforeseen things happen all the time. A crisis at work. A family member that gets ill. It’s all part of life. And when these things happen, it’s easy to move exercise down on your list of priorities. But after a while, you feel tired and weak. You run out of breath after you climb a few flights of stairs. You complain when you can’t find a parking spot in front of the store. You don’t want to walk. Your back hurts from all the sitting. Your gut grows. And you can’t look at yourself in the mirror.


Don’t let it come this far. Break a sweat at least three times a week and go for a walk on the other days. You will stay strong and fit. Plus, you’ll feel better.

Overconfidence is another mistake smart people make

Overconfidence is another mistake smart people make

5. Being overconfident


One cognitive bias that affects smart people the most is overconfidence. When you are good at something, it’s easy to overestimate yourself. That doesn’t happen in a cocky or brazen way. Overconfidence can happen to everyone. From many soft-spoken and gentle individuals to the most outgoing extroverts, and it is also enjoyable!


Researchers have established three ways that overconfidence happens:


  1. Overestimation — thinking that you are better than you are.
  2. Over placement — exaggerated belief that you are better than others.
  3. Over precision — excessive conviction that you know the truth.


No matter how talented you are or what you’ve accomplished, using words incorrectly can change the way people see you and forever cast you in a negative light. You may not think it’s a big deal, but if your language is driving people up the wall, you need to do something about it. Point is, we can all benefit from opportunities to sharpen the saw and minimize our mistakes. Often, it’s the words we perceive as being more “correct” or sophisticated that catch us by surprise when they don’t really mean what we think they do. These words have a tendency to make even really smart people stumble.  



Final word to the smart      


To conclude, you really have to try for having a great life. When you make a mistake, be brave enough to admit and make it up. When people see this, they like you much more than they used to. But when you do something wrong and immediately try to blame others in order not to be like a fool, it is far worse than admitting and apologizing for. Improve your spirit, let your followers freely criticize you, if you’re willing to achieve promotion. We all make mistakes because people naturally do, but if you pay attention to others’ mistakes, you’ll have much better life in comparison with others.


And if you consider yourself smart, you really have to pay attention to your actions and words even the smallest movements in order not to make stupid mistakes. Sometimes, it’s good to convey other people’s mistakes to improve your own life standards. The most important life lessons we will ever learn will be from the bad decisions we make.


Time and experience can be excellent teachers when you actually learn a lesson from your poor decisions. Experience comes from our way of living, understanding and the adjustments we make. It also comes from suffering, agony and the ordeals we are afflicted by. We must develop the wisdom and sense to make good decisions and choices. Bear in mind that if you don’t have focus on what you do, the possibility of making stupid mistakes will increase.


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