The Unlimited Power: How Anthony Robbins guides you toward success.

by | Oct 29, 2019

Who is Anthony Robbins 1

What does The Unlimited Power teach us? 2

  1. The five-step modeling process 2

A real story Robbins has been involved in 2

What are the five steps of modeling? 2

  1. The formulation of success 3
  2. Show your love the right way 3
  3. Beliefs are the cornerstone of personal excellence 4

Seven beliefs that are the cornerstone of personal excellence 4

  1. Create your ideal lifestyle 4
  2. Do not compare yourself to others 5

What should you judge yourself by? Your friends, or your goals? 5

Final words 6

Who is Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is a prominent American author and life coach who has written numerous books in the field of success and self-help. People know him for his inspirational and motivational speeches. He has held a myriad of seminars inspiring people and showing them how to succeed in life and rise after each fall.

Many popular persons have discovered their right way with the help of Anthony Robbins, such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, etc. These names solely corroborate the fact that he is a supernatural, hope-giving coach everyone may wish to be helped by.

One of his most known books is “The Unlimited Power.” In this book, he teaches us how to succeed in life. He wrote the book when he was only 25 years old. To say nothing of his magnificent personality, you need to know that he, at the age of 25, was financially free and married, had 4 children, and was deemed to be one of the most influential leaders in the world. Unbelievable, ha? 

In this article, we are going to briefly focus on his “Unlimited Power” book and see what has made the book such a popular one. Read on to find out what he has for us in brief.


What does The Unlimited Power teach us?

Robbins has written the book over 30 years ago. Still, his words in the book are applicable to our modern lives. The book was published in 1986, describing the new science of personal achievement.

Without further ado, let us dive right in the heart of The Unlimited Power.

1. The five-step modeling process

Robbins absolutely adores modeling and demands us to take advantage of it in order to succeed in doing literally anything we are going to do. As he puts it, you do not need to reinvent the wheel; instead, you can simply model the behaviors and approaches of those who have invented the wheel.

A real story Robbins has been involved in

Let us review a real story Tony Robbins has been involved in. He was asked by the US army to assist the soldiers to improve their shooting accuracy. You would simply reject the proposal as you know nothing about shooting and the war; nonetheless, Robbins accepted the demand and with complete self-confidence attempted to help them. Can you guess what happened after all?

Before his entry, around 70 percent of the soldiers could pass the final test; however, he could soar the record to a jaw-dropping 100 percent after his exit. What he did was simple; he just examined the behaviors of the top performers and then, asked the rest to model their performance.

What are the five steps of modeling?

He asked them to do so in a five-step modeling process described below:

  1. Find — find a top performer and examine their behaviors, attitudes, and way of thinking.
  2. Implement — try to imitate what the top performer does exactly.
  3. Visualize — think about and imagine the top performer implementing what they do in their best performance ever.
  4. Re-visualize — try to put yourself in the shoes of the top performer doing exactly what you had visualized them doing before.
  5. Action — time to move on! Go and get it.


The Unlimited Power How Anthony Robbins guides you toward success

Watch the top performer very closely if you want to be like them.


The process seems simple and straight forward. You can reach the highest levels of enhancement applying this simple-yet-effective five-step process into your schedule.

2. The formulation of success

As Robbins states, there is a formulation you can use to succeed and he calls it “The Ultimate Success Formula.” Behind any successful movement lies a success formula consisting of four simple steps:

  1. Determine what you really want to get.
  2. Make a strategy to get it and start performing based on it.
  3. Estimate how much your strategy has been working.
  4. Modify your strategy as many times as you get the optimal results you seek.


Yes, it is that simple. Then, keep in mind all these four steps and apply them to your strategy. The modification process might need several revisions, still, you should not let hopelessness triumph over you.

“Success is simple. First, you decide what you want specifically; and second, you decide you’re willing to pay the price to make it happen—and then pay that price.” ― Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power

3. Show your love the right way

Maybe you have been in love once in your life. As you know, there are various ways of expressing love. Some people tend to repeatedly say “I love you” to express their feeling constantly. Some others may prefer to show their feelings in the form of performing special stuff, such as writing letters, notes, giving gifts, and so on.


You already know your style of expressing the love and communication method. On the contrary, your partner may have an absolutely different method of expressing love. Maybe you like to show your feelings using words, whereas she loves to hear it in the form of small actions like a lovely

look. As a result, she might incorrectly consider your deeds as signs of poor love. Therefore, you need to figure out your partner’s type regarding this.

The Unlimited Power How Anthony Robbins guides you toward success

Try to figure out how your partner tends to be loved.


In general, there are three types of behaviors here:

  1. Auditory — people who detect love and care inside the words you say, and focus deeply on verbal communication.
  2. Visual — people who tend to use their eyes, rather than ears, to detect appreciation and love. For example, taking into account love letters, flowers, etc, as signs of love.
  3. Kinesthetic — people who prefer physical touches as signs of love, like a pat on their back or stroking their hair.


Whichever your partner’s type is, you definitely need to find it out and perform your actions based on that. To do so, you need to experiment with all the methods above and see which fits best. Besides, keep in mind that some people’s type might be a combination of two.

4. Beliefs are the cornerstone of personal excellence

Robbins believes that there are 7 beliefs in life that are the cornerstone of personal excellence. You can use them to enhance the quality of your life further. Let us review these 7 beliefs together.


Seven beliefs that are the cornerstone of personal excellence


  1. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us. You need to see the positivity inside whatever you are doing. “The leaders in our culture are the people who see the possibilities, who can go into a desert and see a garden,” Robbins says.
  2. There is no such thing as failure. All of what you think is a failure, is feedback indeed. They are learning opportunities if you watch closely.
  3. Whatever happens, take responsibility. You are the reason for whatever happens out there, stay courageous and take responsibility.
  4. It is not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything. Robbins compares Steve Jobs to many scientists at Stanford. They probably knew much more about computers than Jobs; however, it was Jobs who effectively used what he had to succeed.
  5. People are your greatest resources. Working as a team will always pay off. Use people as your resource, leverage their capabilities in order to leverage yours.
  6. Work is play. As Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” You should change your work into play. This way, you will enjoy every minute of your job and can express your creativity like never before.
  7. There is no abiding success without commitment. The talented or faster ones may have an upper hand in general, but that is the most committed who will eventually open the gates of success.

5. Create your ideal lifestyle

Everything happens in your mind. Robbins advises that if you tend to have an ideal life, you should not wait until you get there; you can simulate it in your mind before you are even close to it.

What are your ideal day and ideal environment like? If you can already visualize them in your mind, then you have passed maybe half of the way. Otherwise, you need to create one in your mind. Everything starts in your mind, actually.


To do so, you should “design” your ideal lifestyle in your mind, along with whatever and whoever is involved in the design. The more accurately you design it in your mind, the more the likelihood of implementing it in action.


“It’s great to have all kinds of different goals; however, what’s even nicer is to be able to design what all of them together would mean for you. Now create your ideal day. What people would be involved? What would you do? How would it begin? Where would you be? Do it from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. What kind of environment would you be in? How would you feel when you climbed into bed at the end of a perfect day?” ― Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power


Robbins suggests that you write down the details of how your ideal life is like. The process of writing coerces you into getting your mind, emotions, and actions to go in one unique direction. The process makes you define targets for your future.

The Unlimited Power How Anthony Robbins guides you toward success

You need to write down the details of how you like your ideal lifestyle to be.

6. Do not compare yourself to others

You need to avoid comparing yourself to any of your friends or people around you. Do not let others define your boundaries. People around you are not what you should use as a tool to measure how well you are doing your job. Set more relying factors to compare your success by, in lieu of what others are doing.

Be aware not to judge the wellness of your efforts based on what the people you know are doing. This is a big mistake because maybe that is your friend who is not doing his job well; for that reason, comparing yourself to him might be fundamentally wrong in the first place.

“Learn to judge yourself by your goals instead of by what your peers seem to be doing. Why? Because you can always find people to justify what you’re doing.” ― Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power

What should you judge yourself by? Your friends, or your goals?

As Robbins says, you need to judge yourself by your goals. That is the most standardized criterion you can take into account to assess your comparison. Therefore, you should try to be better than your goals, not better than your friends.

“Work from a set of dynamic, evolving, enabling goals that will help you do what you want, not what someone else has done.” ― Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Robbins could not explain this more vividly.

The Unlimited Power How Anthony Robbins guides you toward success

Judge yourself by your goals, not your friends.

Final words

These were the most important lessons you can learn from Tony Robbins in his The Unlimited Power book. We tried to cherrypick them, though one might find some different lessons are also worth mentioning in the list above.

All in all, if you can at least apply even one of these worthwhile lessons in your life, you will be good to go. Although Robbins wrote them all at the age of 25, you can make use of them even at 80. Applying at least one of these techniques in life not only is a no-brainer, but it is also similar to a fun play, I suppose.

Did you learn more lessons from the book? Write in the comments below and share your valuable experience with the readers here.


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