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Who is Dan Pena and what has he done? How did he earn the nickname of the “$50 Billion Man”? And what is he doing now? His life story, his road to success and everything you need to know about him is here.

Daniel Steven Peña Sr., born on August 10, 1945, also known as Dan Peña, is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of The Guthrie Group, an investment consortium, incorporated in Jersey in 2002. He also founded a company called iZone-iHUB, which ran a hackathon with the stated purposes of allowing start-ups the ability to develop their ideas and pitch products for potential investment.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Pe%C3%B1a

Daniel S. Pena, Sr. earned the nickname of the “$50 Billion Man” because of his high drive for success. He is the founder of Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Methodology, a well-respected author, and his mentees have a combined net worth of more than $6 trillion.

As of 2019, Dan Pena has a net worth estimated in $450 million.

Early life:

Pena did not come from a family with generational wealth. His father was somewhat famous because of his role as the lead investigator of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, but that was the extent of their fame. It was a military household since Pena’s father served as a Lieutenant Commander in World War II and Korean War before becoming a CIA operative. His home was a place where tough love was the practice.

Crime and violence were also prominent in East Los Angeles in the late 1950s when Pena was a child. It took several stints in jail for alcoholism before life began to change for Dan Pena during his high school years. His father even told local officers to beat him if he was misbehaving in public.

Pena eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Fernando Valley State College in 1971.

Start of career:

Pena took the foundation of his education to turn an $820 investment into a company worth over $450 million. Great Western Resources Inc. formed in 1980, provided natural resources like petroleum to the market. He served as the CEO of the organization until he and the Board of Directors had a falling out about a decade later. It was a global operation that involved drilling, onshore, and offshore that had 22 coal mines at the height of its influence.

Pena then used his experience to form an independent consultancy firm called The Guthrie Group in 1997. He is still active as the Chairman and Founder.

He believes that one must practice success before actually becoming successful. Just like what he did when he had no money. He used to go to Roles Royce dealers, sit in the car, and just smell the leather. That’s why, in his words, the success rate of people taking part in his seminars are five times higher. In order to make the participants get used to being successful and rich, he holds seminars in his own castle, where participants have to dress up everyday and are trained to think highly of themselves. “Self-esteem is the key to high performance.” said Dan in an interview with London Real by Brian Rose.



The resident of Guthrie Castle:

Pena currently resides in Guthrie Castle, which is located in Angus Scotland. It was initially constructed in the 15th century, although the structures were updated in the 19th century to reflect modern needs.

Guthrie Castle was purchased in 1984 by Pena from the Guthrie family who had stayed in their family residence for over 400 years. He restored the home to its original condition, added a golf course, and then opened it to the public for about 15 years beginning in 2003 to host weddings and corporate functions.

It now serves as Pena’s private home once again.

Dan Pena’s Exclusive Seminars:

Pena provides week-long seminars at Guthrie Castle using his QLA Methodology that takes participants through the foundational steps of being successful. Workshops include information about how to raise capital, how to overcome obstacles when pursuing an idea, and the seven necessary steps to achieve “super success.”

 Exclusive seminars by Dan Pena

The philosophy of Pena and his mentees is straightforward: there are no free lunches. Each person must work hard to earn what they get in life. If you have the guts to follow his steps, then you can start obtaining the wealth that can support your family for multiple generations.

The consensus of Dan Pena’s seminars is positive when reviewing forums, blogs, and websites which discuss QLA Methodology. There is no fluff or feel-good stuff to worry about with his workshops. His focus is on growth. You can live a comfortable life and relax, or you can choose to pursue your goals and dreams. If you choose the latter, then Dan Pena can help you find the success you want.

One of the highlights during the seminars are the financial role-playing exercises. In Pena’s words, “being able to raise money in big cities like London or New York, is a matter of being able to interface. For example, how to get accountants to represent you on a success fee basis, which everybody says is impossible. It’s all about communication. ‘Cause communication is message sent, message received, and then message acted upon when I want you to do it, not when Brian wants to do it. And it’s leadership.”


Dan believes that we have two bank accounts in life; the emotional bank account and the financial bank account. Most people worry about their financial bank accounts, and are constantly trying to find a way to keep a balance between their income and expenses. But, in fact, it’s your emotional bank account that matters and is going to run out one day. When it is cold and windy outside, and you have no body to wipe your tears. You have to man up, and people who do that, are the ones that become successful. Your emotional bank account is your passion. You should never run out of passion.

He also believes, success in life is not about working hard or being smart, but is about dreaming big. How do people make ten times more than you make?  How do people make a hundred or a thousand times what you make if they can’t have a hundred or a thousand times our IQ? 

Because they dream bigger than you.  Their expectations are higher than yours.  That’s how.

As an example, he mentions one of his colleagues in recent years who is an energetic and highly successful British entrepreneur, adventurer and international bon vivant.  When he has an inspiration for a new venture, if he has any idea of how to bring it to reality, he’s thinking too small.   Dan believes that’s also his kind of thinking!

“I’m often asked, if I had my life to live over again what would I change.  I’d only change one thing.  I’d set my goals higher.  That’s right.  With all my mega-success, I’d still set my goals higher.”

What about you?

Your first 100 million:

“Your first 100 million” is the title of the inspirational book written by Dan Pena and published in 1999 for the first time. In an interview with London Real, Dan refers to this “one hundred” as “a hundred dollars”.

Your first 100 million is a book by Dan Pena

The book is all about setting your goals higher, being tough in life and never looking back, except learning from your mistakes. In the prologue, Pena addresses those who have been victims of frauds and have lost their money: “We cannot change the past, only recover from it.  And perhaps learn its cruel lessons.  The first lesson is this: the paralysis of fear can cost dearly; while the rewards of determined courage are incalculable”.

A lot of experts and economists believed that the book came out at a time that the world economy was going through a financial crisis and fraud. Desperate people always need a push and that has contributed to the success of the book immensely.

“It’s about achieving the mental toughness and laser-beam focus you need to make a ton of money.” Says Dan. He also claims that the book is packed from beginning to end with the same strategies he has been thundering across the financial capitals of five continents. In another chapter, to those who compare his book with other “how to” books, he says: “I’ve left most of the detailed checklists to that pedantic crowd of pedestrian business people and dusty professors who write those “how to” books”. In fact, in order to radically distinguish himself from “how to” writers, Dan in the book says:

“These people are supposed to be teaching you how to become successful, which is a code word for “rich.”  But how many of them are multi-millionaires? Few if any. A lot of them live in rented properties and are dodging the tax man. Yet they’re telling you how to get rich!”.

Have you set goals that allow you to “be all you can be?”  If not, reading this book will be an astonishing revelation.  At the risk of overstatement, reading this book could change your life.  Following the systems and methodology in the chapters could change the course of your destiny. “Could” because you must take action to change.  Change is absolutely essential. You have to understand right now that doing the same things over and over, like you’ve always done them, and expecting different results, is insanity.

In a nutshell, the book is about making money. Not just a few bucks in your spare time. NO. In Pena’s words, “I’m talking about so much money that you cannot count, so you have to weigh it”.

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