Sanan Sanani is a young, smart businessman from the UAE with a unique approach to business. Sanani is a Eurasian, family brand of over half a century professional experience in doing business in real estate from the beautiful districts of Vienna to the regional city hub of Dubai. Sanan is now the young face of his whole family business, managing it from its newly acquired HQ in Tbilisi.

Sanan was born in 1994 in Iran (Persia). His family moved to Dubai, so he had his primary and secondary education in the UAE where he received his diploma from the hands of his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.

Upon his BBA graduation from the American University of Dubai at a remarkable age of only 20, he  started his business with popular personalities from different backgrounds: from major corporate owners in the Middle East to American top rap singers and musicians.
His network of rich, successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and online  social media icons started to grow exponentially from there.

On the next step to his success, he started a tour in Europe looking for new opportunities and connections. It was then that he decided to focus on the new emerging economies. On the full front of all the other new markets lies GEORGIA, so it was a no brainer for him to establish a base in the country’s capital: Tbilisi.

As soon as the country starts to begin its economic boom, Sanan jumps on its most active sector: the real estate. He entered the market as an investor, and now, he owns properties in the most strategic and prestigious locations in Tbilisi. His company, Sterling Property Advisors, is comprised of a group of international investors interested in doing business and real estate in Georgia. The company is now actively providing services in acquiring, renovating, and managing properties in Tbilisi.

What Sanan is doing in Georgia for 2020 is to introduce the market to young, passionate investors who are looking for a reliable platform to start their businesses and achieve their goals. Even for more sophisticated entrepreneurs and business owners, Sterling has strong connections with major construction developers and major investment opportunities cannot be found anywhere else in Europe or Asia.

The stellar record of creating B2B connections and networks together with online presence are Sanan Sanani’s approach to business in the years to come.